The Advantages of Using Locally Sourced Ingredients

Here at Anne Guy, we use locally sourced ingredients wherever possible in the production of our creative catering services. Not only are we trying to support the economy of our community, but the products that have been grown and produced in our area also provide numerous benefits that you wouldn’t get when purchasing similar products from larger supermarkets. Below we have outlined some of the advantages of using locally sourced ingredients, but there are also plenty of others.

Support Local Businesses in Bristol

Purchasing locally grown products helps local businesses to compete with the larger companies. National retailers are able to target sales across the country, whereas local organisations solely rely on their own community to keep them afloat. If their own community don’t buy their products, no one will.

Safe Ingredients

With food purchased from supermarkets and other stores, it’s impossible to know exactly how it was produced and the production methods it undertook – it may have been exposed to bacteria, causing it to become contaminated, for example. However, with local food, the buyer knows exactly where the goods have come from, who grew it, and its production methods.

Help the Environment

Certain foods from bigger businesses have been imported from various places across the globe, and have had to undergo a large amount of travelling just to reach the store shelf. Whether the produce travels by ship or by plane, the transportation of the product is likely to release a substantial amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere that isn’t involved in the delivery process of local products.

Ingredients with Plenty of Flavour

When produce is grown locally, it is picked at its optimum ripeness as it doesn’t have to travel to another destination. With larger companies, however, crops usually have to be picked before their peak to cover travel time, which inevitably restricts their flavour, or if they are picked at their ripeness, by the time they reach the store, their condition has deteriorated.

This is one of the main reasons why we use as much local produce as possible – it tastes great! Locally grown products are instrumental in helping us create the quality food we offer.


The Influence of Brexit on Imported Food

Britain leaving the European Union will inevitably increase the price of imports and tariffs, causing a ‘domino effect’ that will also see supermarkets increase their prices. Local businesses, however, won’t be affected by Brexit and still have the opportunity to offer the same prices as they were pre-Brexit.


Jobs in the Local Area/South West

Keeping money circulating in our community allows for jobs to be created. The higher the demand for local businesses, the more jobs that need to be created to cater for the demand.

If you would like to make use of our professional catering services for a special event and want to taste some fine food that has been created from local ingredients, please get in touch with us today.

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