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Celebratory Events

Celebratory Events

Many of our clients ask us to organise special in house celebratory events.

These events are always huge fun and very rewarding for all those involved as they are usually celebrating “good news” stories.

Occasions to Celebrate

In the past we have organised events for the following reasons:

>   An Industry Award for Team/Company of the Year
>   Sales person of the year
>   The winning of a large piece of business
>   Longevity of service
>   Retirement

Designing the Perfect Menu

We can help guide you through the sort of event that you may wish to hold, for example:

>   Drinks and canapé reception
>   Finger food and drinks party
>   “Bowl food” and drinks party
>   Hot or cold fork buffet and drinks party
>   A sit down fully served party

Successful and Worry-Free

We can supply portable ovens, tables and chairs, tableware, china and glassware, flowers and any other requests that you should need in order to make you event successful, memorable and seamlessly organised.

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