2018 Catering Trends


Whether you’re looking for some inspiration for your next catering event, or you’re just interested to see what’s hot in the catering world, below are some of our top catering trends for 2018.

Make the Most of Local Ingredients

One of the fastest growing food and catering trends of 2018 is the increasing demand for locally-sourced or grown ingredients. As people’s attitudes towards health and the environment change, consumers are becoming more aware, educated and conscious about what they’re eating and are wanting to know exactly where their food has come from.

The popularity of local and organic foods has continuously been on the rise for a little while and seems to be continuing to grow throughout 2018. The importance of transparency and knowing where our food comes from expands beyond being able to trace food back to a local farmer, it’s also about supporting the local economy and reducing the carbon footprint. With the prospect of food imported from EU countries increasing in price as we progress through Brexit, people are likely to continue to support British and local producers and suppliers.

The Rise of Veganism

Veganism is undoubtedly one of Britain’s fastest growing lifestyle movements, a booming trend that’s here to stay. Diets that limit or entirely avoid animal products such as meat, dairy and eggs, have typically been seen as niche requirements, but are now becoming much more widespread.

A major contributor to this rise is the influence of the visual-first social platform, Instagram. It’s the go-to place for food inspiration and as many plant-based foods look delicious, sharing images of vegan meals is incredibly popular among users. For example, if you were to search #vegan on Instagram, you can expect to see millions upon millions of images of recipes, salads, soups and so on.

This level of accessibility is now enabling Veganism for those who have always liked the idea of veganism as part of their personal beliefs, but may have felt that their food options would have been too limited. Thanks to influential instagrammers and innovative meat-alternatives increasingly available on the market, veganism is becoming an expected and much-appreciated option at events. So it’s certainly worth considering and asking event attendees.

Healthy & Colourful Food

The move towards healthier and wholesome food has continued into 2018 not only because it tastes great, but because it looks amazing too. A dish packed with colour and vibrancy looks incredibly appealing and tastes even better, which is why so many corporate and celebratory events in 2018 have focused on incorporating bright and vivid food choices into their catering event.

Working Lunches

Working lunches are starting to be recognised and valued as a beneficial way for businesses to improve their relationship with their clients. It provides an opportunity for organisations working together to socialise without the focus being solely work-related.

Any type of menu can be devised for a working lunch, but popular choices includes a selection of sandwiches accompanied by a collection of cakes.

Mini Desserts

Cupcakes, mini wedding cakes, bite-sized desserts and muffins are currently all hot trends. They look and taste much better when they have been handcrafted and are a great way of making an impression at a corporate event. They can also be customised to suit all types of gatherings, including weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, engagements, christenings or retirements.

Food Stations

This trend is ideal for events with a large group of people in attendance. Rather than the food sitting on one large table, as with a buffet, the menu is divided among stations and smaller tables throughout the venue. The stations often consist of an assortment of finger foods, appetizers or canapés.

The food can be hot or cold, casual or formal, and can be tailored to fit all types of budgets. If you are hosting a cocktail reception, the food can be replaced or complemented with soft drinks, beverages, and of course, a range of your favourite cocktails!

Hampers & Christmas Hampers

Hampers have proven to be an extremely popular choice for gifts throughout this year. They make ideal ‘Thank You’ gifts for colleagues retiring or going on maternity leave, but can also be used as a unique birthday present. Any type of food can go into a hamper so they can be customised to individual preference and can also be personalised to feature a personal message or a corporate logo.

As we get nearer to Christmas, hampers are likely to soar in popularity. They can be packed with a variety of Christmas-related goodies, such as mince pies, Christmas cake and Santa chocolate, and are perfect festive gifts to give to clients or a close family.

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